Tourist meccas

With the July 4th weekend coming up, I had been contemplating a drive “up North” to the Lake Michigan shore. The thought of everybody else in the region doing that, and the highway hassles, made me reconsider.

Coincidentally, while cruising the Web tonight, I found this reference, and an incredible series of photographs of an ephemeral city in Spain:

In Spain one can find a linear city all along the coast built for tourism, a section of land that becomes the most crowded region in Europe, but just for a short time. It’s a city for only three months in summer, when thousands of people come looking for the sea and the sun. The rest of the year it becomes a ghost city, a city without any a function, with no people and no services. It has been growing and expanding since the 60’s, and it seems it have no end. This is photographic series documents the development of this ephemeral coastal city.

(From the excellent Polar Inertia—“the journal of nomadic and popular culture.”)


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