Millenium maintenance

I was off to Chicago over the past weekend and found myself pulled again to Millennium Park. Walking about this time, I saw so many reasons to find awe in the idea, the commitment, the transformation, the delight of this place and the city that made it happen.

Standing in this place, experiencing this place, also provides a context for yet another reflection on why and how this city does so much so well for so long.

At “the bean” I was amazed again at that reflective surface, and wondered what it might look like into a future that might, at times, not be so rich. I mean, there was that constant flow of people–kids–touching that surface, marking that surface. And there was a guy, spritz bottle and cloth in hand, circling around it taking those finger prints and other marks off.

How do you maintain something as vulnerable as that?
(Image from


One thought on “Millenium maintenance

  1. The bean is truly an amazing lens on a city. I’m interested in many of your posts. I hope to read through more of the entries.

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