Cornfields redux

While on the way to other things, I offer these subsequent postings from others on the subject of turning Detroit’s vacant lots into farmland…

CEO’s for Cities cites Buffalo and Cleveland, and Bruce Fisher

Bruce Fisher, in ArtVoices, addresses the subject and these locations in detail

In Buffalo, City Hall says it has a plan for vacant land, and that its plan doesn’t include turning vacant lots into farms. City Hall actively opposed land-banking legislation, and got Governor Paterson to veto a land-bank bill just last year.

But just a three-hour drive west in Cleveland, there’s a new and quite different plan—a plan that explicitly endorses land-banking, and that envisions a smaller, greener Cleveland that stops the insanity of trying to rescue every parcel for traditional city uses.

Think Detroit offers information, references and speculation

And the Detroit Free Press offers a discussion with one of the Hantz Farms proposers

Image from WSJ

Image from WSJ


And then today, the Wall Street Journal connects Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo, not with cornfields, but with the efforts of artists to use and fill in what is left behind in these cities (with slideshow)

And now this shows up, about Cleveland, in Fast Company magazine’s review of the top “fast cities” in the U.S.

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