Hope and generosity – two great job loss moves


Every day brings delightful coincidences in the network. Here are two great moves from today’s messages to be celebrated.

Cards of change

Layoffs are ugly. They are uniquely ugly for those who have been laid off who must then reprofile themselves, find new opportunity, make new beginnings.

For a few, it is a time of reinvention, rediscovery, and renewal, and may even include the experience of surprise, delight, and satisfaction that comes from a new place, a new identity, a new capability in roles not imagined before because of the clutter and mess of the daily routine in the old job.

Cards of Change is a great concept – business cards from the old job edited to represent the newer, more exciting, more optimistic move. Let me know if you upload yours, or have a similar story of the pleasure of finding otherwise undiscovered opportunity.

Cardsofchange is a place where the glass is always half-full. A destination where all the bad news of the day takes a back seat to stories of individual success.


Layoffs are ugly. They are uniquely ugly for those who care, but have the task of delivering the bad news.

If you’ve ever been in a Workstage building, I expect you’ve had a great experience. Developed by a subsidiary of Steelcase, Workstage provided sustainable design and building integration and development in a very unique, and very nicely designed model.

Even though it was an great example for a new way of financing, developing and building, in a time of financial downturn and real estate oversupply it was not supportable.

Kurt Nahikian (gosh, I hope he doesn’t mind my doing this!) sent out a sad, but truly generous announcement of the closure of the company. I am not familiar with any other more caring layoff gestures like this, are you? And if you can help, do!

It was a great run…

Almost exactly 10 years after its visionary inception, Workstage closed its doors. A very sad and difficult day for the forty-plus families impacted by this change.

This was a truly amazing team delivering first-in-the-world innovation.

If you are interested in what kind of talent is now available in west Michigan – do not hesitate to contact me – I have stories to tell about each and every one of them.

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One thought on “Hope and generosity – two great job loss moves

  1. Jim,

    A friend just forwarded this post “Hope and generosity – two great job loss moves — 2009 May 8”

    Somehow I missed your re-posting of this. (Might have other things on my mind!)
    Thank you for your kind words. No one would be surprised to know, 50% of the workstage people never skipped a paycheck being picked up by other firms, 25% chose different but exciting paths at this intersection and 25% percent are still struggling due to the Michigan economy and still require our prayers and forwarded opportunities.


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