Dial-up as a metaphor for the workplace of the future?

Periodically, there are these big design challenges that come obliquely into our attention. This week, we found this great definition of logical expectations of the “cloud” and other liberating technologies at The Setup (usesthis.com).

I think I’ve referenced this site before, and again, if you’ve not plugged onto it yet, go wander around. It may be one of the best sites for influences and inspiration for the design of what the modern workplace should be. The Setup is simple – a few questions to creative and innovative people about their work and, ultimately, about what their ideal workspace setup would be.

This one is spectacularly and uncharacteristically geeky, yet cues up something of the environment I’d expect we all would desire. I especially like the evocation of an older concept of the phone to inform a better concept of “the cloud” and, therefore, a way to lighten and liberate everything about our workspace.

it used to be that phones worked without you having to carry them around, but computers only worked if you did carry one around with you. The solution to this inconsistency was to break the way phones worked rather than fix the way computers work. My dream setup, then, is a computing world where I don’t have to carry at least three computers – laptop, tablet, phone, not even counting cameras and iPod and other oddments – around with me in order to function in the modern world.

Please let us know what you think.


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