What will we accomplish with this?

photo by cj maupin via aiga.com


by Jim Meredith

I was delighted to find this today, another great (indirect) reminder of the purpose of the architect and workplace designer.

In an extensive interview on the website of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Cheryl Heller addresses the purpose of design as a medium for transformation rather than and end in itself. Her question is “What will we accomplish with this?”

To fulfill design’s promise, the most important shift we need to make is letting go of the entrenched mental model of design as the point of itself; as the end product rather than as a means to something greater. Makers are justifiably proud of what they make, and can come to view the artifact as the answer. There is a tendency to view the site, the poster, the logo or the product as the purpose of design when it is not. We will only make design a force in creating the future if we see it not as an end in itself, but as a tool, a medium, a lever in a process of ongoing transformation—and if we take full responsibility for the transformation we engender. “What will we accomplish with this?” is the question we must never forget ask, and to honestly answer. That will be the work of the designer of the future.

Here’s the link to the full interview – http://www.aiga.org/where-design-is-going-and-how-to-be-there/


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