Design is a process…

photo source: Unknown

photo source: Unknown

Probably anybody in any design profession will recognize the conditions and concerns that Michael Beirut identifies in this really excellent essay, “Graphic Design Criticism Is a Spectator Sport” at The Design Observer.

Here’s a small sample –

…simply having the idea is not enough. Crafting a beautiful solution is not enough. Doing a dramatic presentation is not enough. Convincing all your peers is not enough. Even if you’ve done all that, you still have to go through the hard work of selling it to the client. And like any business situation of any complexity whatsoever, that process may be smothered in politics, handicapped with exigencies, and beset with factors with have nothing to do with design excellence. You know, real life.

I hope you enjoy it as I did.


3 thoughts on “Design is a process…

  1. Oh I can relate to that!
    That’s specially happens when projects lay on the absence of a shared knowledge among those who are involved… it’s not about convincing, selling or creating, it’s a matter of constructing collaboratively to avoid obstacles in the latter steps… it’s ineed a process, tough it should be a collaborative and constructive one Imho.

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